Dissatisfaction over promotional texts


I write to express my dissatisfaction with the multiple promotional text messages which I have been receiving lately from Digicel.
Earlier this month, I began to receive a message about the Digicel man-of-honour awards 2017.
I began to feel dissatisfied as the same message was popping up in my mobile phone almost daily.
I do not necessarily need to see the same text message popping up on my screen multiple time,  because by then,  I begin to feel that the value of the message diminishes.
Not only that, it litters my inbox.
By the time I receive the fifth or sixth message, I realise that all the messages become a thread of junk.
The issue has been annoying and I request the ‘bigger better network’ to rectify this problem.
Ensure that to your bigger network becomes better and user-friendly.

Mike Haro

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