Distribution of medicine to cost K28.9mil

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By Rebecca Kuku
The 100 per cent medical kits distribution contract is valued at K28.9 million, says Central and Supplies Tender Board chairman Dr Ken Ngangan, pictured.
He told The National that the contract was awarded to four contractors, one for each region.
“The contract for the Mamose region, valued at K8.07m was awarded to Global Customs and Forwarding Ltd, for the New Guinea Islands region the contract was valued at K5.27m awarded to LD Logistics Ltd,” Ngangan said.
“For the Highlands region, the contract valued at K7.54m was awarded to South Pacific Pharmaceutical Distribution Ltd and for the Southern region, the contract was valued at K8.1m and was awarded to LNZ Enterprise Ltd.”
“All in all, the total contract for the medicine distribution is valued at K28.9m.”
However, Ngangan said that only two contract awards were formalised yesterday.
“Only the contract awards for the Mamose and New Guinea Islands region were formalised yesterday at the CSTB House.
“The other two contracts for Highlands and Southern Region will be amended and should be formalised early next week.”
Ngangan said contracts were only for 12 months and that a new tender for next year would be advertised in July.
“These contracts are just for one year and a new tender for next year will be out by July so that we can have the distribution contracts awarded earlier.”