Distribution of better services a challenge

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The National, Thursday December 10th, 2015

 Papua New Guinea faces challenges in distributing its resource wealth to a better quality of service delivery, according to the Asian Development Bank.

Director of the bank’s Pacific transport, energy and natural resource division, Olly Norojono, in highlighting the growth of Papua New Guinea, said the country had experienced strong economy growth since 2002.

It had seen liquidity in the country and provision of free education.

Norojono said PNG was rich in natural resources, however lacked participation from rural areas on basic services. 

 He said there was still more work to be done to achieve development strategies which would ensure growth was inclusive of inaccessible areas.

He said development in infrastructure, transport and energy were vital to achieving the strategies.

ADB Country director Marcello Minc said the framework for inclusive growth contained three pillars. 

They include promoting high economy growth and to broadening inclusiveness to greater access to opportunities which would strengthen and ensure social protection. 

“Challenges to inclusive development are that we have resources dependency, physical isolation and lack of connectivity, weak implementation of capacity, barriers to private sector development and broad based job creation, law and order, limited transport, energy and infrastructure,” he said.