District authority builds new high school in Ungai-Bena

The National,Monday July 4th, 2016

UNGGAI Bena district development authority in Eastern Highlands are building a new high school, Benabena acting district administrator Johnathan Resis says.
Resis said the new school is expected to be completed this year with enrolment starting next year.
He said they have a secondary school in the Upper Bena local level government and Benabena secondary in the Lower Bena local level government area.
“Unggai lkocal level government area does not have a high school so the district is constructing one for them and I want it to complete within this year so next year we can have students enrolled so it can alleviate problems of Goroka secondary and Benabena secondary,” he said.
“It will give more opportunities to our kids to receive secondary education without being overcrowded.”
He said they have equally distributed the district service improvement programme fund to health, infrastructure and education.
“Almost 75 per cent of roads in the district are fully maintained that can be accessed by transport,” he said
He said they have built a new district headquarter comprising of new 24 staff houses and office complex.
He said the challenges he faced during his time as the acting district administrator were contractors coming up with different amount to what they planned for and lack of technical skills of locals who wanted to work with the construction teams but other district services were flowing well.