District boss wants people to use tradition to solve their disputes


FINSCHHAFEN district chief executive Glen Kiso wants people in the district to use the traditional means of solving problems rather than relying on police assistance.
“Almost half a million kina was used to bring in police to settle our problems when this amount of money could have been used for other genuine services, only if we have settled issues using our traditional means,” Kiso said.
He said traditional ways of solving problems were very effective.
Emphasis should be given to the dispute settlement committee to take the lead at the LLG and ward level to settle issues.
While sending his Christmas message to the people in the district, Kiso said at this point in time, people had to be celebrating with their families – that is where law and order starts.
“We have to start the new year with a good spirit in a trouble-free manner and be ready to be part of the many developments that will be taking place in the district in the coming year,” he said.
Kiso said the district launched it police operations on Friday.
“While police manpower is a concern for the district, we have approached the police commissioner about this and he is yet to get his feedback.”
Kiso said police had leads in a break-and-enter investigation in a case in which the victim was a doctor at Braun Rural Hospital, in Gagidu, three weeks ago.
He said they had met the Braun Hospital board to open the hospital again, adding that MP Renbo Paita and he had written an apology letter to the doctor, urging him to return to work.