District gets immunisation

The National, Tuesday July 19th, 2016

THE Nawaeb district in Morobe began its mother-child integrated immunisation programme on Monday following its implementation in Lae and Huon Gulf districts.
The programme in Morobe started in May and has reached Wampar after completion in Morobe and the Salamaua local level government area.
Provincial deputy family health coordinator Lynna Japu launched the Nawaeb programme at Situm with provincial deputy health programme adviser Jack Aita and Nawaeb district administrator Bob Bigilam on Friday.
Introducing a new inactivated polio vaccine (IPV) for measles-rubella complements the measles only vaccine.
The measles-rubella was introduced in October last year and executed this year again to strengthen the integrated health programme.
The mother-child health programme used to utilise five vaccines to prevent tuberculosis (BCG), hepatitis B (HBV), polio (OPV), meningitis (pentavalent), pneumonia (PCV-13) and measles.
The latest diagnosed symptoms of rubella ailment in blood samples have resulted in the discovery and development of measles-rubella vaccine and IPV to protect children and pregnant mothers.
District health coordinator Justin Roaming budgeted K120,000 (K40,000 per round) for three consecutive SIREP programmes in Nawaeb. Roaming said 42 health workers would conduct the programme. It is  expected to end by Sept 16. The district has three health extension officers, nine nursing officers and 40 community health  workers caring for 43,000 people.