District hosts funeral service to commemorate death of Christ


CATHOLICS in the Kinambuga parish in Dei district of Western Highlands held a chiefly funeral service last Friday to commemorate the suffering and death of Jesus Christ.
This is the second time the 12 outstations of the parish showed how they deeply they felt about the sacrifice by their Saviour who laid down His life to save mankind from the dark forces of the devil.
The parishioners covered themselves in mud and conducted a funeral service similar to that accorded to a chief in Western Highlands culture.
Parish priest Father Matthew Wambi who had initiated the Holy Week programme said funeral services for important people in society were held with great respect but the Lord Jesus was more important than all of them.
“Easter is a time to reflect the pain, suffering, death and resurrection of Jesus. He made the most ultimate sacrifice for us by dying on the cross for our sins,” he said.
“Christ paid the price to make us right before God and to be eligible to enter God’s Kingdom and everlasting life.
“The significance of Jesus’ death must be fully understood by people in the village and those who cannot understand Easter in the modern connotations.
“Instead of celebrating Easter in the Station of the Cross, we involve people to remember Christ through their culture. Jesus Christ is a king and he is our highest chief.
“ That’s why we contextualise Easter through our culture to foster a deeper understanding of His death among our people.”
Each outstation contributed food and money towards the service held at Tigi.