District keen in supporting locals venture into crab business


MUD crabs are plentiful in Kikori, Gulf which locals can sell and make a business out of with the support from Kikori district development authority.
Authority chief executive Tars Sauka said under its small and medium enterprise budget of K1 million annually, locals could access funds with proper business registrations and proposals.
“We decided to allocate funds to interested SME group of people, especially those who want to go into cattle or crab farming.
“A lot of people are selling crabs in Port Moresby markets and making a lot of money. We want to support them.
“We are telling them to organise and register their business, and then do a good proposal, come to DDA and ask for funding.
“We also want to support farmers grow cocoa and do fish farming. We have rivers that have a lot of fish.
“After the Covid-19 is over, we will be looking at funding SME groups especially those who are registered and who want to do activities like that.
“We leave it to the people to partner with investors or investor groups from outside.
“All we need to do is guide them.
“But we would at least start them with a bit of funding and then they can venture into something if they want to.”

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