District moves forward

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The National, Thursday 13th June 2013


THE Sinasina-Yongomugl district is slowly getting to its feet and shaking off the label of being the least developed electorate in 


Local MP Kerenga Kua and district administrator Bal Numapo are putting in place projects and plans to move the district forward.

Kua told people in Kamtai recently that he wanted to place the district at the top of the list of the most developed districts in his five-year term.

He urged everyone to contribute to its development and refrain from demanding compensation on development projects. 

He also advised public servants in Kamtai not to be complacent but work harder because everyone’s attention had been drawn the district’s huge budget.

Kua secured additional funds from external sources to top up the K10 million district services improvement programme funds.

Sinasina-Yongomugl is operating on a budget of almost K50 million, according to the joint district planning and budget priority committee.

A third of this was injected by sources such as Oil Search PNG Ltd on specific development projects.

The 25km Koge-Sigima trunk road is currently being rehabilitated by Jaka Construction for K9 million while K6 million was made available by the National Planning and Monitoring Department under the public investment programme.

The committee gave K2.5 million for the maintenance of the Nintu-Ubanidiawa feeder road.

A contractor will be selected to fix the Warasimbu-Nilguma in the limestone-riddled Yongomugl area, according to Numapo. 

The 18km stretch, which serves about 12,000 people living behind the Rocky Mountains northeast of the provincial capital Kundiawa, had not been maintained in the past 20 years.