District needs services

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The National, Friday 14th of March, 2014

MIDDLE Ramu MP Tommy Tomscoll says education and health services in the electorate need attention because there are hardly any public servants there.
Tomscoll was responding to public concerns over his continued absence from the electorate and his lack of commitment in subsiding fees for students.
“The Government has paid subsidies. The onus now is on parents,” he said.
They need to take responsibility for their kids in tertiary institutions. Parents must consider themselves lucky. We are becoming lazy.”
 He wants to take a new approach in dealing with matters in the electorate.
“I know that other MPs are sponsoring students in tertiary institutions but that is not what I intend to do,” he said.
“My criteria is different. I am looking at the service gaps in my area and these are education and health. I will sponsor students who will be going to teachers or nursing colleges as these students will return and deliver services.”
He said it would be a waste if the students were not going to come back to the villages to share their knowledge or skills.
Tomscoll said due the remoteness of some villages, public servants were never seen there.
He said it was a priority for  his joint district planning and budget priorites committee to have a new all-weather road running from Aiom, Simbai and Kowon. Aiom is the district headquarter for Middle Ramu.
“This is where 80% of the bulk of the population is centred and as such a road will be built there. I know that this road will bring back the missing servants,” he said.