District pays K38,000 in tuition fees for 14 students


By Rebecca Kuku
Middle-Ramu district office paid its students’ school fee subsidies at University of Papua New Guinea in the nick of time on Friday – as registration closed.
Middle-Ramu MP Johnny Alonk, district administrator Humphrey Kolai and deputy district administrator Pasuwo Kohuli presented a cheque of K38,252.70 to the university as tuition fees for 14 students from the district.
Alonk said that his district government had made a commitment to pay 60 per cent of the schools fees, however, it was able to pay only half of what was committed due to limited funds released by Government.
“We will pay the other half once we receive our DSIP funds,” he said.
“We came here as a team to present the cheque and to give assurance to the university that the other 30 per cent of school fees will be paid at a later date.”
Alonk said the district had agreed to pay 60 per cent of all tertiary fees while the other 40 per cent would be paid by the parents.
University public relations director James Robins, who received the cheque, said the university appreciated the initiative taken by Middle-Ramu to subsidise school fees.
“These students are the future leaders of districts, provinces and the country,” he said.

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