District prepares for development

National, Normal

The National, Thursday August 1st, 2013

 DEI district, in Western Highlands, is gearing up to develop its human resources and start agriculture projects to meet increasing demands in the province.

Dei MP Westley Nukundi told a crowd last Saturday during the launching of three multimillion projects that the district was perparing for an expected hike in economic activities.

The three projects were the upgrading of the Nunga and Kenembo primary schools to high schools and the Kotna Health Centre to hospital status.

Nukundi said Dei was located miles from Mt Hagen city and regarded as under-developed. 

But this is changing as the district planned to improve education facilities and start agricultural projects, he said.

These were the two key areas Dei was focusing on, he said. 

He wanted to see Dei children reach university level and contribute to national development.

He also wanted to see people engaged in the production and supply of fresh vegetables.

He said when the life span of mining projects end, people would revert to farming to earn a living.

That is why he is focusing on building good schools.