District roads get funding

Momase, Normal

The National, Thursday July 4th, 2013

 THE people of nine villages in the Maprik-Wora local level government, Maprik, East Sepik, now have reason to celebrate.

The Serikikum, Gatnikum, Nindiko, Samgile, Serindu, Wora, Numakum, Aupik and Gwelikum villages have missed out on basic government services like roads.

For more than 10 years people in the area have been finding it difficult to transport their cash and garden produce to market as the road there was in a poor state.

The plight of the nine communities is now being addressed. Maprik MP John Simon has put up the money to repair the road.

Simon gave K500,000 from the district services improvement programme for upgrading and maintenance of the 4.8km road from Wora to Gwelikum and on to Aupik and the 11.4km section from the Ami junction to Bongiwana junction leading to the main Sepik Highway.

Simon presented a cheque for K500,000 to Waiyu Ltd for the upgrading, maintenance and improvement of drainage at Wora village on Tuesday afternoon.

Simon told the people to take ownership of the road and help the Government to help clean the road and maintain it.

“To fix all the roads in the district will cost around K60 million and it is 160km,” Simon said.

He said he would make it his business to repairs roads in the district.

“I am urging you now to become involved in business activities when your road is fixed,” he told the people at Wora.

Work on the road will start today.