District subsidises K2mil for tertiary students’ fees


THE Mendi-Munihu district development authority (DDA) has subsidised about K2 million in tertiary fees for students from the district and that will continue, says MP and Works Minister Michael Nali.
He said his priority was education and would make sure their fees were subsidised as many of them came from poor background.
Nali said the Southern Highlands government had also subsidised fees for all students and in the future DDAs and the provincial government should properly analyse, come to a mutual understanding and pay the fees.
“I do not know if other districts are subsidising fees for their students. If the provincial government is to subsidise fees for tertiary students in the province, it must give a share for the Mendi-Munihu district separately so that the DDA can add on and pay,” he said.
“I do not want the students to get double from the DDA and the provincial government.”