District to engage Works on projects

National, Normal

The National, Thursday July 11th, 2013


EAST New Britain’s Kokopo district is considering engaging the Department of Works in projects.

District administrator Ekonia Walom said the district administration had recognised the department branch in Kokopo and the services it had provided and would make it a priority to work closely with it.

He said the district administration had recently awarded two contracts for double classrooms at Raluana and Ganai primary schools to the department’s building section. 

Walom said the contract agreement would be signed soon between the district and the department.

“This is the beginning of a new partnership as we’re all regarded as sister organisations in service delivery and we are supposed to be working together,” he said.

He thanked and congratulated provincial works manager Paul Pitaro for his achievements in his short time there.

Walom said his significant achievements were evident in the opening of the two staff houses in Kokopo last Friday.

“The opening of these houses is believed to be history to the provincial works as this may be the first time after the volcanic eruption 19 years ago and it is good to know the department has done this as part of its capacity building to its human resource,” he said.

“Effective service delivery to the people will only be realised when people carry out special tasks and are well looked after and cared for,” he said.