District workers get houses

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FOURTEEN houses for Huon Gulf district health workers in Morobe will be built along with 14 other houses for teachers by contractor Waria Valley Eco-Homes (WVEH).
A memorandum of agreement (MoA) on the project was signed at the district office between WVEH project manager Dusty Gewai Zamunu and district administrator Tony Ase, district health coordinator Sr Pendek Sitong and technical officer Aki Konde last Friday.
The health workers’ houses will cost K290,000, to be funded from the district health services improvement programme (DHSIP).
A total of K1 million was allocated for health under the DSIP. The money was from the K10 million allocated under the National Government’s district support improvement programme (DSIP).
The recipient aid posts are Tsilitsili, Zifasing, Siara and West Taraka in Wampar LLG.
In Salamaua LLG, the houses will be built at Salus, Busama, Hote, Bobodum and Popdubi while, in Morobe patrol post, they will be at Bau, Pema, Popoe, Zigori and Kui Buso.
The Huon Gulf district has 37 aid posts, sub-health and health centres with 17 in Wampar, 12 in Salamaua and eight in Morobe patrol post.
Given the geographical locations, however, logistics in carrying out health programmes consume more funds than the real projects, Sr Sitong said.
“Rural health staff, like the rural teachers, continue to struggle but are dedicated to their jobs despite living in rundown bush material houses,” she added.