Districts’ capacity a threat to DSIP funds

Letters, Normal

THE current prioritisation of the Government towards district improvement and rural economic growth is timely and must be commended.
The threat right now is the capacities of the districts to manage, control and acquit the DSIP funds totalling K10 million.
People have observed the first batch of DSIP funds last year being heavily spent by district administrations on operational costs such as purchasing vehicles and fuel, or offsetting of unnecessary claims, etc.
There was no attention given to impact projects or upgrading rundown infrastructures which I believe are the Government’s main aims to improve rural development and restoring the confidence of the rural populace in the Government. 
It is advisable to have district personnel who are good managers who can make balanced decisions between socio-economic development and operational costs. 
It is fast becoming a concern where districts have personnel trained only on how to fill requisition forms and claims and getting away with funds rather than on how to prioritise Government spending to achieve at least some tangible outcomes throughout the districts.
Competent district manpower is vital to assist the Government achieve its prime motive of better service delivery and economic growth to the bulk of the rural population by 2050 as per the national strategic plan.
I urge provincial and national authorities to closely monitor and evaluate the impact of DSIP funds.
It will be interesting to see how DSIP funds for next year are used.