Districts and LLGs to unite

Normal, Papua

The National- Tuesday, January 25, 2011


DISTRICT administrators and local level government managers in East New Britain have been challenged to develop better teamwork and unite in all aspects of work.

The call was made by deputy governor Boniface Setavo during the LLG managers conference at the Kulau Lodge in Rabaul.

Setavo said it was vital that they developed a better working relationship with their political heads at the national, provincial and ward levels.

He reiterated that service delivery was everyone’s business.

Setavo said often when someone was appointed to a position, everyone tended to have high expectations of them.

This, he said, was where teamwork called for constant consultation, cooperation and submissiveness to be constantly displayed and nourished as the foundation for ongoing quality and effective service delivery.

A manager, Setavo said, should realise that presidents are public servants.

He told the managers that the public expected  good conduct of them and as  leaders, they needed to be transparent and accountable. 

Setavo also said in whatever they did, they must see themselves as important assets to the service delivery system.

Service delivery, however,  he said, was not the sole responsibility of the public service, adding that recipients at the ward levels must take ownership of the services and become self-reliant service providers themselves.