Districts urged to back city

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The National, Monday October 14th, 2013

 MOROBE is surviving on the back of Lae because the other eight districts do not contribute much to the provincial coffers, acting provincial administrator Geoving Bilong says.

Bilong said the onus was now on these eight districts to contribute more to Lae’s economy and provincial coffers.

“The Morobe economy is driven by a very small group of businesses in Lae,” he said.

“A small portion of the population controls the economy. 

“They control all the secondary and primary industries.”

Bilong said there was an urgent need for Morobeans in the eight districts to develop more of an entrepreneurial culture to support Lae.

“Lae is a growing town,” he said.

“How can Boana support Lae? How can Finschhaffen support Lae? How can Markham support Lae? How can Bulolo support Lae?

“Right now Lae is sustained by people from all around the world. That’s what I’m trying to get our districts to understand.

“If I can sell them this idea, we can work together.”