Divine Word sees tollerance as a key value of university


Students of Divine Word University are being encouraged to tolerate each other and share values.
The call has come from university president Cecilia Nembou.
Speaking at the launch of the university’s academic year in Madang on Friday, Nembou said: “With our core values of integrity, academic excellence, community engagement, respect, diversity, hospitality, learning for life and social responsibility as our guiding principles, we can empower every member of our DWU community to find their place and make a meaningful contribution towards achieving our share theme for 2018.
“DWU aspires to send out a quality graduate who is upright, knows right from wrong and can say ‘no’ to drugs, alcohol, corruption and violence.
“Each graduate must be equipped to continue learning by engaging in the world around them with positive attitude.
“I ask every student and staff member to identify their respective roles and responsibilities and how you can achieve your aspirations by working together to achieve DWU’s community aspirations.”
Nembou said students should “take some quiet time to reflect on why you are here”.
“If you find yourself on the wrong side of discipline, it means that there has been a misalignment between your behaviour and the core values of the university,” she said.
“Stop, think and realign.
“Visit a student counsellor who can help to realign.
“We are all interested in guiding you to stay focused to achieving your dreams.”
Nembou said drugs, alcohol, corruption and violence “have injured the fabric of our society”.
“The solution is for future generations to say ‘No’ to such evils,” she said.
“For the students, this is a huge responsibility especially for those who aspire to be leaders.”.
Divine Word University is a national university.

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