Divine Word students carry out awareness in Wau-Bulolo

Lae News, Normal


STUDENTS from the Morobe Students Association of the Divine Word University (DWU) are currently in the Wau-Bulolo district of Morobe province carrying out awareness to educate people about cholera.
A total of 15 students from the university travelled on Sunday from Lae to start the awareness in the district.
Third-year environmental health student and team leader, Silven Umbi, said their trip was funded by the Morobe provincial health office to reach out to the community.
“We are carrying out the awareness in market areas and settlements before we move to the local district areas,” he said.
According to Robin Rathlel, a representative of the Health Department in Bulolo, more than 500 people in the area have shown interest in the students’ work.
The students’ aim is to make people aware that the disease cannot be eradicated but contained through the actions of individuals.
“We want the general public to know that personal hygiene is very important in containing diseases,” Isaiah Igish, a student at DWU, said.
The students feel that they were obliged to help the community since the Morobe provincial government was paying for their fees at the university.
“We want to pay back in any little way we can because the provincial government is helping us, so this is our way of saying thank you.”