Division introduces phonics programme

National, Normal

The National, Wednesday 12th June 2013

 THE National Capital District education division services has introduced jolley-phonics to two elementary schools in the nation’s capital. 

Superintendent Operations Stephen Lapan said jolley-phonics was introduced to Hohola Demonstration and Wardstrip Demonstration Elementary Schools in the beginning of this year. 

Lapan said jolley-phonics was the learning of sounds because listening had a great influence on a child’s writing and speaking skills.

“Teachers from the two schools were trained in the last two weeks of January before school started. 

“A team from NCD visited the two schools and saw that more work needed to be done on the materials as two terms have gone by now.” 

“Teachers from the two schools would be facilitating a national in-service to prepare teachers before jolley-phonics is introduced to all elementary schools next year. 

“But before it is introduced, officials from the National Education Department will re-visit the two schools to do an assessment. 

“They have to see and assess what is being said at the top level and is being implemented at the bottom. 

“This initiative with the complement of resources will change a lot of what has been talked about.”