Division removes tint on vehicles

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The National, Thursday August 1st, 2013

 CUSTOMS is one of the first government departments to remove tinted windows and windscreens on their fleet of vehicles.

Yesterday, its vehicles parked at the Datec building in Gordon’s were subjected to the tint-removal exercise.

According to a senior customs official who did not want to be named, “the removal of tints from their vehicles is per government instruction reinforced by the Prime Minister for all government vehicles to be tint-free”.

“Our commissioner then sent a circular (dated July 18) in the Customs Department to inform all staff that all Customs department vehicles with tinted windscreens be removed immediately,” he said.

“The only exemptions are vehicles for the three deputy commissioners, border security and intelligence sections at the regional operations and headquarters.”

The officer said the department had been attaching “Z” plates on all their vehicles since 2011 as per government instruction.

“These vehicles belong to the State and the people need to know how their assets are being used and managed at all times,” he said.

“Although some people may disagree with the actions we are taking, it is a priority that we, as a State agency, obey the directives issued by the government.

“This exercise, which begins now in Port Moresby, will be implemented at all other Customs ports and offices.”