Do away with school fee subsidies

Letters, Normal

The National – Tuesday, November 30, 2010

THE government should do away with school subsidy as it is not serving its purpose.
We hear a lot about school subsidies but where is the money?
All schools receive subsidies but parents who paid full school fees do not receive any reimbursement.
Secondly, some schools provide a long list of ghost names to the Education Department because this is an opportunity to make money.
There is no one checking on enrolment figures and the amount of school fees parents have paid.
There are some schools, especially primary schools, which are honest and reimburse parents who have paid school fees in full.
They include Tambul and Kerevat Primary schools and Togoba High School.
There are some schools administrators who decide to keep the money for infrastructure development.
As such, the government should do away with school fee subsidy as it is not serving its intended purpose.

Concerned parent