Do away with ‘Wantok System’


I DO not believe in the expression ‘whom you know is better than what you know’.
This is so sick and not good.
Papua New Guinea has faced a lot of criticism because of the mentality of ‘whom you know is better than what you know system’.
This expression is fake and it is not that good for the development of our country, we are practicing it in everyday life and it is disgusting.
Picking of people you know and leaving behind people you don’t know is such a shame.
Some of the most qualified and experienced people whom are capable of doing great jobs for this nation are left behind.
If we keep on doing this then the dream/vision of our Prime Minister James Marape won’t be achieved.
If we are to make PNG a richest black nation then let us work together as one people and never abandoned the eligible and vibrant youths that can make changes to this nation.
Let us include all and leave none, take back PNG.

Jonathan Mok, NGV

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