Do not enter supermarket, thief told

National, Normal

The National, Monday November 11th, 2013


A COURT has banned a man from entering a supermarket for six months after he admitted stealing items worth K60 from it.

Wewak District Court Magistrate David Susame told the man from Meni village, who asked that he be allowed to pay for the nine aluminium plates he stole, that he should return to his village and never set foot at the Chinese-owned supermarket again.

Susame told the man that he would be put on a six-month good behaviour bond because of the nature of the offence, the value of the plates and the remorse he showed. 

He ordered the man not to enter the shop in the next six months.

Susame ordered police to return the six plates to the supermarket.

Police said the man had put the plates into an empty rice bag and tried to walk out through the shop’s check-out point. But he was caught and taken to the police station.

Susame warned the man “not to go and steal from the shop”.

“It is not your garden. This Chinese (supermarket owner) are  clever. They have security guards, video cameras, tags and electronic devices to catch people like you.

“So I suggest you give up this habit.”

In a separate case, a man who lives at Kreer Heights was fined K250 for storing pornographic material on his mobile phone.