Do not entertain abortion


LAWS on abortion in Papua New Guinea have gone slack and it is impacting the lives of many mothers, especially young girls, who are practising abortion.
Abortion is becoming a norm.
Many abortions were unsuccessful and resulted in miscarriages and loss of good health and lives.
It is an unseen evil that is slowly eating our country.
Despite tougher laws on abortion, many are still practising it.
Young girls seem to consider abortion as a means to solving their problems.
Many do it to escape shame and burden.
We should not entertain abortion.
Abortion could be an option for rape and abuse victims but not for those who conceived with consent.
Can the Government impose tougher laws against abortion so that those who practise it are held accountable?

Misack Ruri
Port Moresby


  • Abortion amounts to murder. People are taking God’s place by terminating lives.

    They will still live with the guilt and eventually God will judge them for prematurely terminating lives.

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