Do not focus entirely on money, says church head


PEOPLE who have been attracted to a new economic system believe that it is the best model that can sustains human survival, Evangelical Lutheran Church of PNG head bishop Rev Dr Jack Urame says.
He said capitalism, which was driven by money, brought a new world order into the Papua New Guinean society.
“We want to get jobs, accumulate more wealth, make more money and enjoy the comforts the western lifestyle can offer,” he said.
“As a result, many of our people have departed from their traditional subsistence foundation and want to live by the cash economy.
“But today, we have seen what is happening around the world when the capitalist model is greatly challenged by the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic.
“Due to the threat of the Covid-19, factories have closed down, hundreds of people have become jobless, families have become homeless and millions of people are starving from hunger.
“When the socio-economic foundations of societies are shaking, we must be asking and preparing ourselves if the worst happens.”
“If it happens, we need to fall back to our subsistence system because we cannot depend completely on money; and even if we have money, it will be valueless for we cannot eat money to survive.”