Do not sell your vote


THIS year, we will go to the polls for the general elections when the writs open in April.
While we prepare for the election, which are conducted every five years, I want us to remember that we chart our five-year future by casting our ballots.
This means our vote is very important.
Our vote represents the type of future we dream of.
We should vote leaders who deliver to improve our living standards.
Vote leaders who address social, economic and law and order issues that are rampant in this country.
We need leaders who can build and improve our economy
We need leaders who can work hard to improve our living standard.
We need leaders who are bold enough to fight corruption and say no to corruption.
We need leaders who put common interests ahead of personal interests.
We need leaders who are honest to themselves, their family, their people and the country.
We need leaders who can lead us honestly to prosper together as a nation.
We need leaders who fear God and serve His people with fear and honesty.
It’s our time to chart that lane for a better future.
We should not be conned to bargain our vote for money or material things.
If we do that, we would be selling your future.
It’s about time we vote leaders who can serve their people with fear and honesty. Papua New Guinea is 46 years old now.
It is old enough, but, yet, it is becoming a poor nation riddled with corruption and nepotism.
We cannot continue to live in such a country and we cannot envy such a future for our children.
I appeal to people to make the right choice.
Do not sell you vote.
Think about your children’s future.
Make the right choice for a better future.

Waimin Bank