Do not speak negatively of Chimbu

Letters, Normal

The National, Monday November 4th, 2013

 I REFER to an article titled “Questions over new Chimbu Teachers’ College” (Oct 28).

As far as I understand, this teachers’ college is an impact project initiated by Governor Noah Kool and it is made possible by some hardworking people. 

Without these people, this college would not exist.

It must start from small and go through some tough processes to achieve its required level.

There are policies and guidelines to follow to start a college.

The Chimbus and the country need a lot to promote human resource. 

I think the governor and his team has done a great job for his province. 

To the writer, maybe you are not from Chimbu and do not know things well. 

Are you going to appreciate what the governor and these people have done? 

What are you trying to prove? 

Chimbus never let their brothers down, we stand together and move forward together.


Raymond Bomai