Do not support Vagrancy Act


THE proposal to introduce a Vagrancy Act should only be a dream.
It should not be tabled in Parliament.
MPs, government bureaucrats and public servants should refrain from supporting such an idea.
I do not think enacting a Vagrancy Act is a good idea as it is selfish and egocentric.
A prime minister and his cabinet ministers should work in the best interest of the population and not against them.
People have the right to be wherever they wish to be in.
The control should be on expatriates.
It will be segregation if such an idea is enacted.
Enacting a Vagrancy Act will bring trouble instead of peace and order.

Sam Bon, NCD


  • FULL SUPPORT for the Vagrancy Act to be tabled in Parliament.
    Too many people hanging around in major cities not contibuting to the development of this nation by not paying tax

  • If there was no social issues like land grabbing or ethnic violence in urban cities, Vagrancy Act would be a outright non-issue. BUT that freedom is generally disrespected and grossly abused by Papua New Guineans.
    One does do not need to look harder to see this.
    There has to be some control of some sort and Vagrancy Act one of those controls.

  • There is nothing ego centric about the Vagrancy Act; proud, egocentric, selfish acts and greedy minds are the ego centric ones and these Act can improve the causes relating to socio-economic issues in most of our capital towns!!!!! Go for it and bring to the table this ACT!!

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