Do not think about power but the future

Letters, Normal

The National, Wednesday July 24th, 2013

 I WRITE this as a concerned citizen of this country. 

I believe many in our country will have the same view as I have regarding the passing of the bill to amend sections 124(1) and 145(1) of the Constitution. 

We now seem to have a group of politicians who blindly raise their hands in support of any bill without taking the time to consider the longterm consequences. 

Is it because of greed and self-interest to maintain power in the corridors of Waigani or is there something else that the majority of us do not know of that has forced them to make such changes?

Using its numerical strength is veering dangerously towards bringing a dictatorship or a controlled democracy to this country. 

It seems that the current Government feels it can do anything under the sun because of its overwhelming majority.

You would think that the current group of parliamentarians are better educated than those who came during the House of Assembly times 

and immediately after Independence. 

The actions of the current politicians are a far cry from what the people are made to believe.    

Only time will reveal the result of such a move by those who voted for such a change. 

It is time the people rise up against such moves by the politicians. 

There may come a time when there will be a “PNG Spring” like in the Middle East where people rose up as one to overthrow dictatorial governments.

I urge politicians not to focus just on staying in power.

Keep clear of any actions that may send our country on a dangerous path. Make decisions that will be good for the generations to come.


Port Moresby