Do not trust all leaders


IT is disturbing when political leaders pretend to be Godly.
It is wise not to regard politicians, their achievements and regimes as divine.
A frequent writer to the paper once described what theocracy meant and highlighted serious humanitarian crises inflicted by religiously indoctrinated regimes on their citizens.
Such medieval religious fanaticism, duped by a number of government supporters in Papua New Guinea, is outdated.
Who knows the hearts of men?
Elected leaders can profess to be Christians but citizens do not know other truth about them.
This includes their weaknesses and failures, shortfalls, hidden doings and deals, private lives, line of thinking and others.
God’s way of making valued judgement is spiritual and beyond man’s understanding.
God’s way is undefiled with no compromise with wickedness.
Over the years, we have seen God’s word and truth manifested in the leadership of this nation.
We have seen leaders who abuse their political powers and who are involved in adulterous and extra-marital affairs replaced in national elections.
Leaders who stole from public purse and were engaged hidden deals lost the anointing and were no longer influential but just mere followers, while others in the political and bureaucratic circles had their careers shortened.
Other leaders who frequent bars and gambling venues are no longer around.
Respect is given to leaders who are faithful to their families and their jobs.
Grand Chief Sir Michael Thomas Somare, Sir Pita Lus, the Sir Paulias Matane, Sir Philip Bouraga, Sir Zurewec Zurenuoc, Sir Jerry Nalau, Sir Ronald Tovue and are few others are examples of respected leaders who have passed away.
These leaders managed the affairs of the nation with dignity and respect and lived good lives.
Statesmen such as Sir Julius Chan, Sir Peter Ipatas, Sir Ila Geno, Sir Rabbie Namaliu, Sir Nagora Bogan, Sir Bob Sinclair, Sir Arnold Amet, Sir Salamo Injia and a few others who championed the course of this nation in their respective mandated roles are great examples of how to live just and transparent lives.
All in all, God’s word does not return void as the Holy Scriptures say.
God’s word on all evil doings and righteous doings will always be fulfilled in the form of curses or blessings.
Time reveals the truth about a person and regime, especially in a spiritual perspective.
The Government, under Prime Minister James Marape, has passed several important laws the nation needs and any religious indoctrinated fanatic would jump to conclude that it was divinely inspired.
However, this can be misleading because certain doings of the Government does not reflect Godliness.
The Government is yet to make the 2018 Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation summit report available to the public to know the details of costs, spending, recommendations and achievements of that summit that Papua New Guinea hosted.
Public monies were spent to host the summit.
Furthermore, the pain inflicted on employees of key projects such as the Porgera mine by delaying the re-opening and operation of the mine have made these laid-off employees and their immediate dependents suffer since the closure of the mine.
God does not have double standards.
He is not a fence-sitter, therefore, it is wiser not to use His name in vain to justify a little achievement of a regime when the future is still uncertain.

Emmanuel Allen Mungu,
Former acting director-general,
OSCA, Dept of Prime Minister & NEC