Do right by God, avoid corruption


EVERY day I read and see in both dailies about people dying almost every day and I wonder why they are dying so early.
I decided to spend some time into deep studying the Bible and found the answer after reading. I came across two phrases ‘be content and ‘wages of sin’.
Many of our political leaders, bureaucrats and ordinary people don’t spend time reading their bibles about being content and the wages of sin.
Being content means be satisfied with what God has given you.
Money is good if one can use it properly in helping others in need and using it on developing the nation but greed has taken control of many leaders in this and other nations as well.
Money is the root of all evil.
That means greedy people use money to commit corrupt practices, crimes and sin against God.
Many good Papua New Guineans businessmen and women and those in high offices are dying at very young ages and this trend should stop.
Our law enforcement agencies such as the Ombudsman Commission and police fraud squads are all human beings and can sometimes do things in favour of man instead of God’s will.
One way to avoid this is to consider allocation of separate budgets for the three arms of our government, legislative, judiciary, and the executive, in order for each to be performing their duties without fear and favour.
People should learn how to determine whether a leader is good and can represent them well.
They should learn to be bold to vote leaders with good qualities and replace those who are known to be corrupt.

Samson Napo
Buang LLG

One thought on “Do right by God, avoid corruption

  • Thank you Mr Samson Napo for the insights.

    However, just one correction on “Money is the root of all evil”.
    1 Timothy 6:10 says “For the LOVE of money is the root of all evil”….

    Thus, it is not the money itself, but the “love” of money, which is the root of all evil.

    If money is the root of all evil, nobody would want to work for money.

    God created human beings to be loved and resources to be used. God never created money.

    However, men created money out of God’s resources, and love it more than God Himself.
    Therefore men creating another God for himself, which is a form of idolatry.

    That is the reason why we have so much evil and corruption in the world today.

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