Do something about delay in entitlements


WE are about to start this academic year and I appeal to the Education Department, Teaching Service Commission and PNG Teachers Association to look into the Gulf divison of education about the teachers’ leave fare entitlements.
It is a complete injustice and disrespectful to expect teachers to resume classes when they are still owed by the provincial education division.
This is not a new issue, it has been talked about many times.
There was no clarification from the office or department heads about when the deductions were imposed or why they were imposed.
All we were told by the provincial education board through the provincial education officer was that our money was deposited to travelling agents so we should check with them.
According to the confirmation letter from the provincial education board, the fares and what was disbursed by the agency were two different figures.
We have the evidence from the travelling agent to prove that.
Something is not right.
Who is responsible to pay for the outstanding travelling expenses for the teachers’ leave fare entitlements? The Teaching Service Commission, PNG Teachers Association and the Education Department should investigate this.
Are you listening and observing or are you sleeping?
You are very strict to talk about duty resumptions but why can’t you address this issue that happens annually?
Education Minister Jimmy Uguro, are you aware of this problem?
Teachers work and commit themselves tirelessly, with some posted in locations where the geography is rigid and remote, yet those in higher authority are becoming too ignorant and stubborn to heed to their pleas.
The Education Department needs to be more critical when it comes to these acts of misconduct and misappropriation.
Wake up Teaching Service Commission, PNG Teachers Association and Education Department and do something abou this.
We are suffering and stranded because of your insensitiveness and ignorance.

Kerema Teacher

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