Do something for Raicoast


I AM concerned about how the delivery of basic goods and services to Saidor local level government (LLG), Raicoast, Madang, has been neglected over the years.
Raicoast is the least developed district compared to other districts in Madang.
That is mainly because of ignorance and MPs’ self-interests.
Successive MPs were living in their comfort zones and failed to help ease the people’s burden.
After being elected, most of them moved to Waigani and never returned.
The road condition is in a bad state starting from Bugati to Bonga towards the border with Morobe.
Many bridges were washed away by rivers.
People are travelling by sea and sadly, many lives were lost.
It is too expensive to travel by sea.
Even with these challenges, the authorities haven’t tried to help the people.
Public servants in the district cannot perform to the best of their abilities because of the challenges that are associated with road problems and the cost of travelling.
Many sick patients and mothers have lost their lives as a result.
Law and order issues are getting worse because youths don’t have many options in furthering their education so they can have a chance at living better lives.
The multi-billion kina Ramu Nickle refinery at Basamuk Bay has not honoured the memorandum of Understanding that was ratified by the landowners and the company.
You will hardly see basic services such as feeder-roads, schools and aid-post delivered by the company to the people.
The company is robbing the people. Can the Government reconsider the agreement and ensure the people get the best out of their resources?
The district needs change.

Constantine Ruarri,
Saidor Parish