Do we have scabies cream in hospitals?


I AM writing in relation to an article by The National (page 6) on Thursday about the availability of scabies cream in public hospitals and area medical stores.
Last Saturday, my daughter who is just over two years old succumbed to this skin disease and I took her to Mt Hagen Provincial Hospital.
They diagnosed her condition and asked us to pay K3 at the outpatient clinic to receive medication.
There was a notice at the hospital dispensary which said that children under 12 years and those above 60 years were exempted from medical fees .
We had no time to argue about the exemptions.
We went ahead to pay the K3 fee and went back to the hospital dispensary to get medication.
A medication for mild fever was supplied instead of scabies.
The nursing officer in the dispensary wrote a note advising that scabies lotion/cream was unavailable and has to be bought at the town pharmacies.
The note only got the name of the medication, not the price.
When we took the note to the pharmacy in town, we were surprised that a small tube of cream was K49. We paid for it.
The instruction on the cream said to apply three times daily and the cream ran out on the first two days.
We can’t afford two more creams at the same price to treat the skin disease. What surprises us is that the news article stated that scabies cream was available in the area medical store.
We were made to pay for it, but what about others? I hope something is done about this.

Guardian of Patient,
Mount Hagen