Do we need grand finals at lower levels? asks sports boss

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A SENIOR administrator of sports has raised the alarm on violence in sports, and the need for a drastic review of the systems that govern the country’s local competitions.
The administrator, who wished to remain anonymous, sounded the alarm for action, after an ugly incident two weeks ago in a Goroka rugby league final.
“Do we need grand finals at the lower levels of competition?” he asked The National.
“Are we ready for this system? The administrators of these competitions think they are ready for this level until this kind of thing happens.
“The managers disappeared when the situation worsened, and there was no one there to bring the situation under control.”
The Goroka resident, who was caught in the midst of the “running herd” on his way home  from work that day, added that most of those involved did not look like they were part of the game.
“They did not look like they were supporting any of the two sides, they were hooligans.
“Violence in sports has been a weekly read in the media now, especially in rugby league, and extreme measurers must be taken to curb this problem.”
He suggested a sports forum to be held as soon as possible involving the sporting codes and the relevant government bodies, and an immediate system put in place to curb the violence.
A major shuffle he believed would make some difference was a return to the league system, whereby games are played on round robin format all season, and the team that finishes on top of the ladder wins the competition.
“In the higher levels of competition, there is opportunity for marketing and money for those that invest in the game, so grand finals are the draw card.
“But, unfortunately, our local leagues are not ready for premiership games because they simply cannot manage these situations when they arise. 
“Sports is a good avenue where individuals can express themselves  fairly because it’s the only avenue where you can beat another under rules and guidelines but some people take it too far,” the sports administrator added.