Do we want to rely on hand-outs forever?

Letters, Normal

I REFER to the report “Voters reconcile with Vele” (The National, Oct 4).
The “wanbel 2012” ceremony staged by so-called leader Pex Kuman shows that he has no credibility.
The so-called woman leader Maria Andrews who said “there was no point decorating and beautifying the streets, roads, parks and buildings if the needs of the people who used these facilities were not properly addressed”.
I fail to understand what needs of the people of Moresby are not met.
Is she talking about free handouts?
Do we want to rely on hand-outs forever?
The people of NCD can tell the huge difference between Wari Vele’s reign and Powes Parkop’s reign.
There are no hand-outs under the current governor.
The people of PNG want to see change, change for the better.
And I sincerely believe only through Parkop will we see changes.
My appeal to these so-called leaders is to stop misleading the people and staging unnecessary gatherings.
The gathering last Saturday at Unagi oval was obviously staged for those who are hungry in the stomach and not hungry for real change.
I was there at the gathering.
But to listen to the claims raised by those so-called leaders there were unfounded, unjustified, unsubstantiated, groundless and without any foundation. 
There are so many changes happening now which one can easily compare to the previous governors.
We must all work together so the incumbent governor can deliver more services that we seek and need.


Usa Papua Nakisi
Port Moresby