Doc: Covid-19 surge likely

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A DOCTOR has warned of a surge in the Covid-19 cases in the coming months, urging people to remain on alert as the pandemic is not over.
Head of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the Port Moresby General Hospital and School of Medicine and Health Science Professor Glen Mola urged the people to continue to be vigilant and maintain hygiene practices.
He had warned the nation earlier this year that the Covid-19 would become a pandemic.
He predicts a surge in the number of cases in the coming months, as the threat of the Covid-19 is still high.
He warned those with cold and fever to stay at home so as to protect themselves and others.
If the cold develops and results in shortness of breath, people should call the Covid-19 hotline.
He urged those in the National Capital District to check into the Rita Flyn isolation centre which had been prepared to treat specifically the Covid-19 cases. “Don’t be scared about this pandemic,” he said.
“A lot of people affected with Covid-19 only have mild symptoms with few ended up very sick. Just be mindful of older people as they are the ones that are really affected.”
Mola said people should also be more concerned about the diseases such as Tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS, typhoid and malaria.
“People are dying from these diseases.”
The country recorded its 10th and 11th Covid-19 cases late last month, both in Port Moresby.
National Pandemic Controller David Manning said the cases proved that there was “local transmission in Port Moresby and the rick is very high”. “More cases maybe identified in the coming days,” he said. “Papua New Guinea needs to remain vigilant to stop the transmission.
“The country needs to work together to apply the new normal.
“This will mean changing our ways of doing things and replacing them with behaviour and actions to reduce infection.”


  • The good news is that, COVID 19 has never killed any of the 11. They were all healthy and in good health conditions after symptomatic treatment. The government should spend more money on Malaria, Tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS as clearly stated by Prof. Glen Mola. They become the main killers and not COVID 19. PNGuineans are strong in immunity and they withstood with the virus.

  • The government stated earlier last month that the first 8 cases have been treated, went through several check ups and have tested negative. And yet you say there are total of 11. That means first 8 are still on treatment too. Please clarify the citizens of our nation. All are still under the thread of the pandamic.

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