Docs: More deaths than reported

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DOCTORS say the number of the Covid-19 deaths in Papua New Guinea is higher than reported, hence, people should be concerned about the seriousness of the high community transmission.
Covid-19 National Pandemic Response deputy controller Dr Daoni Esorom said evidence was needed for the cases that were reported by the National Control Centre (NCC) which were from the case information form (CIF) and death certificates.
“Only the numbers that are confirmed by a death certificate are reported,” he said.
“The number of deaths (claimed to be from the Covid-19) is high.”
Dr Garry Nou from the NCC told The National that the health system was already stressed by the impacts of the Covid-19.
“There will be the Covid-19 deaths and non-Covid-19 deaths because people cannot access health facilities which is a worry,” Dr Nou said.
“There has been an increase in deaths in the community as a whole.
“If you look at the figures in Port Moresby, there is already an increase in deaths.
“On average, there were 130 deaths on arrival (DOA) at the Port Moresby General Hospital last year.
“This year, there is a 30 per cent increase in DOAs from January to March.
“Whether those deaths are from the Covid-19 or not is not known and that’s the burden on the health system as a whole.
“The figure is unknown, but the number of official reported deaths (115) is lower than the actual number because of reporting delays.”
He urged the people to take heed of control measures and those eligible to get the vaccine needed to get it.

One thought on “Docs: More deaths than reported

  • Giving inaccurate statistics of COVID 19 deaths may not trigger the general public. Misinformation cannot do better because people will not be afraid of COVID 19 since the death record shows only few numbers. Get things right and work closely with every COVID 19 treatment centres across the country and let the people be informed on a daily basis. Internet is there, connect hospitals and clinics all across PNG to give accurate information to PNG instead of deceiving people and we may not be surprise to see people dying like flies on the streets in the coming days.
    Concerned Citizen NCD.

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