Doctor shortage a national disaster


Papua New Guinea has a ratio of one doctor to 20,000 people.
When you look at the information that is available, you will see that rural areas, especially, need doctors.
In Chimbu, where I come from, we only have nurses and health officers at the Kendine health post in Gena Wauga local level government, Kerowahgi district.
Patients who are seriously ill are referred to Kundiawa General Hospital where a doctor is available.
For patients and relatives, that is a huge burden because it involves walking a long distance to Koronige to catch a PMV to Kundiawa, then they have to pay for food for themselves and the patient.
This is a national level issue and should be dealt with by the national Government. It is no different to a national disaster like the earthquakes that hit Southern Highlands or the volcanic eruption on Manam Island.
We are talking about human lives being put in danger, so I appeal to the local level governments, the district administrators, the provincial administrators and the national Government to work together to come up with a plan to solve the problem.

Winus Komba
Concern Citizen

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