Doctor’s handwriting unreadable


THIS small brief is to the attention of the PNG Medical Society.
Can the society explain as to why doctors, and or especially health extension officers (HEOs) consulting at hospitals or health centres, are almost near to scribbling on the patient’s health book cards, their illness descriptions and especially medicine prescriptions, which are hardly readable to the poor patients?
The patients are legally obliged to read and perhaps raise some questions to the doctor or HEO regarding the prescriptions being provided.
They are often unable to do so, because of their unreadable scribbling hand writing.
Although the patients are verbally instructed, this may not be properly absorbed by them.
Is this not against the medical profession code of ethics per client – doctor relationships?
The medical profession may have their own short or long hand writing systems which they are using.
I am not certain, but then again, I do not see why would they write so illegibly to confuse the patient even more.

Lorenitz Gaius

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