Dog handler wins Digicel’s truck load of cash promotion

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SIMON Nime, 33, of Chuave, Simbu province was the lucky winner of Digicel’s Truckload of Cash Promotion yesterday.
A cheque for K100,000 and a new Hilux was presented to him by the CEO for Digicel, John Mangos.
“The money will be put into his existing account with no strings attached to it, meaning Simon solely owns the money,” Mr Mangos said.
“I was lost of words when Mr Mangos called me last Friday telling me about the win, but I knew it’s a blessing from God.
“I couldn’t sleep nor eat until I confirmed it with them (Digicel) on Monday.
“The only thing I can do with my money now is pay for my wife and my daughter’s tickets to Port Moresby, who are currently in the village in Simbu,” he said. 
“I haven’t been handling much money then, so I honestly don’t know how to spend K100,000,” he said.
Simon is a dog handler with the Corps PNG, a security firm in the Nation’s Capital and lives with his elder sister at Korobosea.
Meanwhile, Mr Mangos congratulated Simon on the win and encouraged him to use his money well.
Simon can drive but currently does not have a driver’s licence and said he would definitely get one next week.
The truckload of cash promotion had been going on since mid October last year.