Dogs to assist police in border work to minimise illegal trade

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EIGHT police dogs will be sent to Vanimo to help police isolate illegal items along the international border with Indonesia, according to dog unit director Leith Nidung.
The dogs can assist in detecting firearms, bombs, drugs and explosives and be used for other aspects in fighting crime, he said.
Nidung told the police commissioners’ conference in Port Moresby yesterday that an increase in crimes, especially smuggling of drugs and firearms along the international borders, meant other parts of the province could also be used for illegal activities.
He said the dog unit had started a new programme this year to send trained dogs to Vanimo to help policemen and women.
Six general dogs will be trained in dual tasking, 12 jobs will be performed, Nidung said.
He said another two dogs were trained to sniff firearms, drugs and detection of explosive dynamites.
“Indonesia and Papua New Guineans have being doing illegal trading for many years, especially with exchanging of goods, illicit drugs and firearms which will now help the manpower in the province,” he said. If intelligence picks up an illegal crossing along the coastal lines, dogs will be sent to those areas to help police.
“Ground work is already underway to build the dog unit and scope is under preparation to transfer the dogs over,” Nidung said.
He said 14 handlers would also be deployed with the dogs this year.

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