Dominic helping young people to learn electronics


Dominic Villar, 69, from the Philippines is now a Papua New Guinea citizen.
He has been living in the country for almost 40 years.
Dominic has a degree in electronics technology from the Philippines College of Arts and Trade.

Dominic Villar with some students in Kokopo

And he is using his expertise and skill to run a training institute in Kokopo to help those who want to establish a career in that field.
In 2005, while operating an electronic repair shop in Kokopo, some people approached him and expressed their interest in learning the trade.
They want to repair electronic items and start their small businesses. They requested him to start a school teaching electronics and all the associated stuff.
It took him almost four years to set up the school. It has since attracted a lot of interest from the many school leavers who cannot continue with their formal education.
They see it as an opening to do something different, something not many people are qualified in.
After three years of running the institution, he expanded the operation in 2008 and renamed it the Mega Institute of Technology. Courses offered at the institute include electronics technology, information technology, computer repairs, basic computing, typing, clerical work, and an introduction to tourism and hospitality.
It has opened a wide range of fields which young people can try their hands on and learn the basic skills.
From the small building he started from in the heart of Kokopo, Dominic is expanding his operation and business to help the people, especially school leavers, in the city.
It is now more than 11 years operating on a piece of land which he is currently leases from the Duke of York Local Level Government.

“ This is because we need to produce well-disciplined students to come out from this institution to go and carry its good name.”

Dominic is a Level Four senior trainer certified by the National Training Council and the PNG Institute of Public Administration.
He has a wealth of experience, having worked with reputable companies in different countries including Agro Chem in the Philippines and the Department of Civil Aviation in Saudi Arabia as a trainer in electronics. He also worked as a Communication Service Manager for Senco Niumec Ltd.
The Mega Institute of Technology has so far trained 3000-plus students. They have gone out to work in various sectors in the country, mostly companies.
Dominic opened a branch in Kavieng last year.
The institution has attracted students from the Autonomous Region of Bougainville, New Ireland, Lihir, Namatanai, and West New Britain.
It is giving a second chance to students who do not do well in their courses.
It is also applying more discipline into the current students attending the institution.
“This is because we need to produce well-disciplined students to come out from this institution and carry its good name.”
Dominic is happy with what he has achieved so far in helping young people pursue courses which may lead to careers.
Philippines seems so far away. PNG is home now.

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