Don’t abuse office, relatives of new president told

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The National, Wednesday July 31st, 2013

 RELATIVES of elected Morobe Patrol Post LLG president Otti Bagiro have been told to refrain from abusing the public office and interfering in his work.

Morobe provincial national functions coordinator Tony Ase advised Bagiro’s relatives and people from Mawae, Zia, Yekora, Suena and Binadere to support the new president.

At a reception at Morobe Park on Monday, Ase said Bagiro called on Morobe LLG people and families to share information and resources.

“Relatives and save-pes (cronies) must respect and protect the integrity of public office and its functions.

“If Bagiro is given a chance for chairmanship at Tutumang (provincial assembly) level, his ability and capability will expand throughout the nine districts. It requires the collective support of elites and family members,” he said.

Bagiro, who will turn 35 in Sept, polled 1,587 votes to oust president Michael Gape. 

Deputy Governor Morokoi Gaiwata urged family members and wantoks not to use the public office to seek funding assistance for travel, medical and funeral expenses.

“Committed and dedicated public servants are needed at LLG stations to work alongside presidents to implement government’s aspirations accordingly,” Gaiwata said.