Don’t allow buses, taxis to over-charge

Letters, Normal

The National, Thursday February 13th, 2014

 TODAY’S workforce and the general public in the nation’s capital rely entirely on taxis and buses to get from point A to point B for their daily routine businesses. 

However, taxi and bus fares charged by operators seem to be very high and depend on daily demands caused by factors such as  rain, flooded roads, traffic jams and rush hours. 

I have been an innocent victim of such practice, paying a K2 bus fare from Gordon  to 8-Mile along the Erima 9-Mile road that is under construction. 

The bus crew decided to charge all passengers K2 instead  of K1 due to the rain and traffic jam, and we all had no choice but to comply in order to get home. 

This  is unacceptable and concerned authorities are doing nothing to stop such practice. 

Transport  boards, traffic and road safety authorities are not fulfilling their objectives and are getting paid for doing nothing. 

Even the traffic police seems to be getting paid for doing nothing at all. 

All these lack of control by authorities makes me wonder why it only happens in our main cities and not other smaller towns with very little resources, but are doing fine. 

Something needs to be done for the betterment of the  people  before  such illegal practice becomes acceptable despite not being authorised. 

People heading responsible organisations should be  ashamed  of  their  lack of  performance in executing their rightful duties. 


Douglas Gilichibi

Port Moresby