Don’t bang, give an alternative

Letters, Normal

The National, Friday 18th November 2011

I REBUFF every bit of information published in the other daily on Nov 14.
Its reporter sided with the minority group led by an NGO and others currently under the order of the National Court not to interfere with the on-going project in West Pomio.
These people, along with the NGO groups in ENB, are anti-development, as rightly put by Governor Leo Dion.
I request they retract everything they said because they have embarrassed the Pomio elites, not only in Port Moresby but everywhere around the country.
I urge them to go back home and settle matters with the clan leaders and the LOC management.
The group was given ample opportunity to state their stance but have always refused.
They also failed to provide an alternative to what they are opposing.
The group does not represent Moresby-based Pomio landowners.
I have lived in Port Moresby for 20 years but would rather promote the elders back home than say something silly about myself.
These are people who are anti-development and who have also lost their way.
You do not have to live in Port Moresby to be an elite.
But one thing you need to have is a degree, masters or other professional qualifications to be called an elite.
We are a matrilineal society, meaning we follow the mother’s side of our lineage.
But when it comes to handling land issues, it is the men who take on the responsibility.
The link is that every village in the Pomio society is run by men (on the mother’s side) who are named the village hausman or hausboi, men who “look” after the village and take on the responsibilities of the village.
We value and treat our women with the respect they deserve.
The roles they play within the family and lineages are incomparable.
With regard to the SABL, the project is backed by the national government and the DA, being the government’s representative on the ground, speaks for the government and the project.

Lawrence Anton
Port Moresby