Don’t drink and drive, warns Maru

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HIGHWAY patrol police teams will be out in full force to ensure road safety is maintained along the Hiritano and Magi highways in Central during the Independence Day anniversary celebrations, Central police commander John Maru said.
“Celebrate, but don’t drink and drive because you may either cause an accident or be in an accident or mark your independence celebrations in police custody,” he warned.
Central police highway patrol officer in charge Gideon Kauke said patrol teams would be setting check points at “hot spots” along the Hiritano and Magi highways as well as Porebada and Sogeri roads.
“We will arrest anyone breaching road safety laws, including drinking and driving,” he said.
The police warning on the eve of celebrations followed the fatal road accident on Hiritano Highway last Friday morning which claimed the life of a man and put 13 people in hospital with serious injures.
They are under medical care at the Port Moresby General Hospital for injuries including fractured bones and lacerated skins.
“The driver is in police custody for his own safety.
“The body of the dead man will be repatriated to his Agevairua village after a postmortem,” Kauke said.
The victim’s particulars have been withheld.